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City Guide Voi Berlin 🇩🇪

Let’s go explore

Berlin, the famous German capital. Known for its unique history, its legendary club culture and its multicultural influences. So much to discover and experience, but where do you start? A good first step is by grabbing a Voi!

Do you want to explore Berlin on a Voi? Find the best places to go in this city guide, download the Voi app and get scooting!

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Hidden gems in the city

Have you always wanted to visit a place where you can eat cookie dough whilst watching cute squirrels? Then the Kollwitzkiez in Prenzlauerberg is just the place for you! You may be in the middle of the action, but with your Voi, you can reach the picturesque quarter on the most stress-free side.

Most common Voi trips in Berlin

For locals in Berlin
In winter as well as summer Kreuzberg is the place to be. Locals live the Berlin lifestyle on the markets along the Maybachufer, which holds a special place in each and every Berliner's heart; Secondhand shopping, international food and thrilling people surrounded by an inviting setting, What’s not to love?

For tourists in Berlin
Make sure you don’t miss Berlin’s cultural center with its impressive buildings. Voi your way through the museum island and see the famous, impressive art from all over the world. Take a little break in the Monbijoupark and watch the daily bustle. In summer the atmosphere before sunset is wonderful. The perfect place to recover from a busy day and recharge your batteries for berlin nightlife.

Voi friendly areas

Berlin has an incredible variety of architecture. Especially striking and a must-see is the Frankfurter Allee with its impressive buildings of socialism, a mix of styles from Socialist Classicism and Prussian Schinkel School. The wide Alle with its great bike lane infrastructure is perfect for an adventure on a Voi. Keep riding west towards Alexanderplatz and you’ll catch the unbeatable view, especially during sunset, of the Frankfurt Gate and the famous Television Tower.

Fun fact about Voi in Berlin

Berlin locals are not just famous for their perseverance when it comes to enjoying the nightlife, they are also in the lead when it comes to Voi ride time (in minutes).

Ride like a local

Berlin is an exciting and bustling city. And a bit chaotic. When you’re out riding, keep your cool, use the existing bicycle paths and always wear a helmet.

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