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Your questions, answered:

Who can ride
an electric scooter?

You must be at least 18 years old and hold a valid driving licence to ride an electric scooter in the UK.

What are the
operating hours?

In Cambridge, our e-scooters and e-bikes are available for rent 24/7, all year round – as long as the weather permits.

How does it work
with e-scooter parking?

Parking is permitted only in racks and other areas designated for e-scooters. You’ll find them marked on the map.

Choose the right price plan for you

You can either pay per minute, or choose to ride more for less with a monthly Voi Pass subscription. If you want to use our e-scooters a lot, but only for a limited time, you should opt for a daily pass. Check the app to see current prices in Cambridge.

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Quick guide to Cambridge

Cambridge, a historic university town brimming with scholarly charm and picturesque beauty, offers a blend of ancient architecture and vibrant modern life. Rent an electric scooter from Voi to effortlessly explore the quaint streets, charming colleges and bustling marketplaces that define this iconic British destination.

Scott Polar Research Institute

Part of Cambridge University and established in 1920, the Polar Research Institute holds the World’s premier polar library. Free to visit, it was originally a meeting place for polar travellers and explorers.

There are two audio tours on offer, too, where a bunch of savvy curators, scientists and staff delve deeper into the institute’s most significant objects of polar exploration.

Newnham College

While scooting about the city, you might have noticed that Cambridge is all about the university, whose alumni include Sir David Attenborough, Alan Turing and Tilda Swinton.

You’ve probably already whizzed past a number of the colleges, but you might not have seen Newnham College, for it’s a little further out the city centre. Voi to the rescue!

The Tiffin Truck

This celebrated food joint is named after Indian tiffin boxes, a staple of Indian life, where bicycles piled high with stainless steel tiered lunch boxes are delivered to workers in Mumbai.

It’s definitely worth stopping and soaking in the convivial atmosphere and filling up on delicate crispy dosas, paneer masala, dhals, parathas, plus a selection of fish and meat mains. Vegans will be spoilt for choice, too, and there’s a delightful selection of fresh juices, Indian craft beers and spiced cocktails.

Corpus Clock

Just outside Corpus Christi college is what’s more colloquially known as ’The Grasshopper Clock’. It’s a bit of a riddle this one, and we’re not even sure if the boffins at the university can make sense of it.

Unveiled in 2008, it’s a clock of sorts, with a gold-plated face and the design is inspired by the Big Bang, considered by some, the beginning of time.


Did you know tiramisu means pick-me-up in an old Italian dialect? And that’s exactly what you need during a busy day out.

While we can’t promise that the creamy, coffee-based dessert will be on the menu, we can be certain that artisan gelato, and other Sicilian baked goods, will be. The family-run eatery was conceived in Sicily, so is every bit Italian as you might imagine.

Do your part – safety begins with you

At Voi, we believe in safe and inclusive cities made for living. Therefore, we urge you to always consider others while riding, and park properly to help keep the pavements an accessible space for all. Keep yourself informed of the local regulations in regards to riding and parking – and abide by them.

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