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Düsseldorf City Guide 🇩🇪

Let’s go explore

Düsseldorf as the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia or the fashion capital of Germany leaves nothing to be desired. Whether art, culture, nightlife or architecture - Düsseldorf makes sure everyone gets her/his money's worth. The great thing about this city in particular is that it offers many different small areas which can be perfectly explored by Voi to make your experience unique.
Would you like to explore Düsseldorf on a Voi? Find the best places to go in this city guide, download the Voi app and get scooting!

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Hidden gems

The place to be, but barely known by tourists, is The Paradise Beach in Düsseldorf’s west. We promise you relaxed days and evenings with music, beach volleyball, campfires and dancing in the sand. Your Voi won't take you there completely, but you can leave it at the Rhine Tower, cross the bridge to the harbour island and follow the path - that's how you'll find this Caribbean community tip.

Most common Voi trips in Düsseldorf

For locals in Düsseldorf
Start your weekend in one of the Flingerns cozy brunch places. After you tanked enough energy, let Düsseldorf’s alternative neighborhoods surprise you. Unusual shops, small boutiques, and galleries - your Voi will take you from A to B with ease.

For tourists in Düsseldorf
Düsseldorf is famous for its Königsallee, the high-class shopping street stretching for almost 1km. Sure, normally you'd rather drive your Porsche here, but being sustainable never looked better.

Voi friendly areas

Düsseldorf has got an impressive Old Town (Altstadt), where you can spend hours enjoying local specialties, shops and enjoy their famous nightlife. This is also the location of the longest Beer street in the world, with over 300 bars and restaurants being located there. Furthermore, you could grab a Voi and ride it along the beautiful riverside while experiencing the best view of the Düsseldorf skyline before ending your ride at the Media harbour with its outstanding architecture.

Fun fact about Voi in Düsseldorf

If you ride Voi and pass the beautiful Ständehauspark on your exploration be attentive, please! Ducks and geese have made it a habit of theirs to cross the street in large groups with no care in the world. Animals have rights too! :)
Sure, riding Voi is fun everywhere, but Voi and Düsseldorf seem to work particularly well together. Of all our star ratings (0-5 stars), Düsseldorf has the highest star rate, so see if its worth all the big talk!

Ride like a local

Düsseldorf is a crowded city in a small space, so make sure you adapt to traffic rules and use the bicycle infrastructure. Finally, although there doesn't exist a rule to wear a helmet while driving scooters we at Voi believe in “Safety First”, so please wear a helmet and have a great time!
If you want to learn how to ride Voi like a pro in Düsseldorf, try our digital traffic test and earn free rides: