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Gothenburg City Guide 🇸🇪

Let's go explore

Sweden’s second-biggest city Gothenburg is located on the west coast, or “best coast” as some people say. The locals are famous for their humor and especially the puns which have been named “Göteborgsskämt” after the city.
Do you want to explore Gothenburg on a Voi? Find the best places to go in this city guide, download the Voi app and get scooting!

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Hidden gems

Situated by the sea, Gothenburg is a beautiful city that also happens to smell really good. On sunny days we recommend you hop on a Voi and head to Masthuggskyrkan to get an awesome overview of Gothenburg's harbor.

Nothing whets the appetite like gazing into the abyss. See what we did there? Gothenburg is home to räkmackan (the shrimp sandwich, which should be considered a national treasure because of how good is) and there are plenty of places serving these beauties, Heaven 23, Feskekörka and Avalon to name a few.

Most common Voi trips in Gothenburg

For Göteborgare
During weekends, Voi-riding Göteborgare usually hangs out in the city center and the famous landmark Avenyn with great places to eat; like Jimmy & Joans New York, Bueno Pizza and Toso to name a few. Locals also ride Voi to Majorna, a hipster-y area just west of the city center. It’s not far and there’s plenty to do and see. We highly recommend a visit.

For tourists in Gothenburg
Tourists like to hang out at Avenyn for good meals and equally good shopping. But they also travel by Voi to and from what might be the most famous amusement park in Sweden, Liseberg.
Overall, the travel patterns of locals and tourists follow each other closely. That implies that the citizens are of a helpful kind - showing tourists where the best places are.

Voi friendly areas

Gothenburg has lots of sweet bike lanes all over the city that are perfect for scooter riding. Heden, for instance, has separate lanes for you to enjoy while zooming by the many football fields in the area. If you’re lucky, you can catch some pretty awesome games.

Fun fact about Voi in Gothenburg

During commuting hours, between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. on weekdays, most of the Voi rides start and end near stations for public transport. Meaning lots of Göteborgare use Voi in their daily commute. Needless to say - we’re super proud of this fact as we strive to be a complement to public transport and alternative to short car trips in the city.

Ride like a local

Does it never not rain in Gothenburg? We don’t know, mainly because of how confusing double negatives are. But we do know it’s smart to bring your best raincoat when riding out Voi in Gothenburg. And as always, ride in bike lanes, follow the local rules and regulations and wear a helmet.

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