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Helsinki City Guide 🇫🇮

Let’s go explore

The Finnish capital has a lot to offer and the best way to explore Helsinki is obviously on a Voi. There are miles upon miles of bike lanes overlooking the beautiful Baltic Sea, which makes scooting around a breeze. It’s easy to see why Helsinki is one of Voi’s most popular cities.
Do you want to explore Helsinki on a Voi? Find the best places to visit in this city guide, download the Voi app and start scooting!


Hidden gems in the city

Finns love their coffee (the average Finn consumes a staggering 12kg of coffee per year) and the bohemian neighborhood of Kallio is home to some of the best cafes around.

On weekends you can grab a bite to eat from Harju 8 and then catch a movie at Riviera, the coziest movie theatre in Helsinki. The best thing is, all these places are super easy to access by Voi.

Most common Voi trips in Helsinki

For locals
Some places are practically made for Voi’ing around and the locals in Helsinki know it. If you want to feel the sea breeze in your hair whilst riding a Voi, head out to Kaivopuisto and Eiranranta. There are miles of wide bike lanes with great places to grab lunch or a coffee on the way!

For tourists in Helsinki

Riding Voi truly is the best way to discover Helsinki. Töölönlahti is a beautiful bay right in the heart of Helsinki, surrounded by wooden villas and stunning greenery. You have bike lanes taking you all around the bay and an old wooden bridge where you can stop to admire the sunset.

Voi friendly areas in Helsinki

Looking for a place to practice your Voi skills? Head out to Baana. The mile-long road from the Central railway station to Ruoholahti is a no-go area for cars, but there are bike lanes from beginning to end. Basically, it’s the perfect spot to ride Voi. It’s the fastest way to get from the railway station to the Hakaniemi food hall, one of our favorite lunch spots in Helsinki.

Fun fact about Voi in Helsinki

Turns out locals in Helsinki know how to leave the office in style - the most popular time to ride Vois is on Fridays from 4pm to 5pm.

Ride like a local

Always ride in bike lanes, follow the local rules and regulations and wear a helmet. During the winter months the weather tends to get chilly and the roads might be a bit slippery, so make sure you bring some gloves and be careful!

If you want to learn how to ride Voi like a pro in Helsinki, try our digital traffic test and earn free rides here: