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Your questions, answered:

Who can ride
an electric scooter?

You must be at least 18 years old and hold a valid driving licence to ride an electric scooter in the UK.

What are the
operating hours?

Our e-scooters are available 4 am–11 pm all days of the week. Due to local regulations, the service closes at night.

How does it work
with e-scooter parking?

Parking is permitted in most places, except in the no-parking and no-riding zones (see the in-app map).

Choose the right price plan for you

You can either pay per minute, or choose to ride more for less with a monthly Voi Pass subscription. If you want to use our e-scooters a lot, but only for a limited time, you should opt for a daily pass. Check the app to see current prices in Higham Ferrers.

Quick guide to Higham Ferrers

Higham Ferrers, a picturesque market town in Northamptonshire, boasts historic charm and beautiful countryside surroundings. Rent an electric scooter from Voi and discover the quaint streets, inviting shops and stunning architecture that make Higham Ferrers a hidden gem.

Lyveden New Bield

This striking unfinished Elizabethan lodge is a must-see for architecture enthusiasts. It was designed by Sir Thomas Tresham in the late 16th century and is now managed by the National Trust. Take a ride on your Voi e-scooter and discover this fascinating landmark.

Higham Ferrers Market Square

Take a ride to the heart of Higham Ferrers and explore the historic Market Square. This bustling square has been a hub of the town since the 12th century and is still a lively spot for shopping, dining and socialising. Check out the local shops, cafes and pubs that line the square.

The Green Dragon

This charming pub and restaurant is a local institution, known for its warm hospitality and delicious food. Take a ride on your Voi e-scooter to the Green Dragon and indulge in traditional English fare such as fish and chips, bangers and mash, and shepherd’s pie.

St. Mary’s Church

St. Mary’s Church is a beautiful mediaeval church that dates back to the 13th century. The church boasts a stunning tower and a unique octagonal spire, making it a standout architectural landmark in Higham Ferrers. Park your Voi e-scooter and explore the church and its surroundings on foot.

Chichele College

This 15th-century college is a beautiful example of Gothic architecture and is now part of the Oxford and Cambridge colleges. Take a ride on your Voi e-scooter and admire the intricate stonework and imposing tower of this historic building.

Do your part – safety begins with you

At Voi, we believe in safe and inclusive cities made for living. Therefore, we urge you to always consider others while riding, and park properly to help keep the pavements an accessible space for all. Keep yourself informed of the local regulations in regards to riding and parking – and abide by them.

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