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Top Voiages in Kettering

1. Kettering Town Football Club

Are you a fan of National League Football? Leave the car at home and scoot over to Kettering Town Football Club to watch the team in action.

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2. Manor House Museum

Currently undergoing redevelopment, the Manor House Museum is due to re-open to visitors in 2022. Check This Is Kettering website for the latest updates and news.

Featuring displays and exhibits of Northants history, it’s packed with treasures. You’ll learn about the significance of the shoe trade, the engineering of the Victorian era, archaeology through time, and more!

Friendly, knowledgeable staff are at hand to take all your questions.

And entry to the Museum is free!

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3. Wicksteed Park

How do you like your fun? Fast, or leisurely? Whatever your preference, Wicksteed Park delivers!

Experience exhilarating rollercoaster rides and attractions, split into themed zones.

Or enjoy the inspired art exhibitions and shows in the beautiful park and gardens.

It’s such a picturesque place for waterside wanders. And don’t miss out on delicious dining at one of the many excellent eateries.

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4. Kino Lounge

Kino Lounge has had a colourful and varied past – previous uses of the building include a public hall, a billiard hall, and a cinema which showed the first moving picture in Kettering back in 1909. Situated on Kettering Market Place, the interior of this impressive building combines a rustic look with exposed brickwork and is a food led cafe/bar open all-day every day.

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6. Kafe Block

Feeling thirsty? Scoot over to Kafe Bloc bistro café and deli full of local produce and a superb food menu featuring homemade cakes and daily specials.

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5. Newlands Centre shopping

Ready for a spot of retail therapy? Scoot on over to Newlands Shopping Centre. Offering 45 stores in the heart of Kettering, it’s the perfect place to shop till you drop.

Whether you’re looking for department-store favourites, or something unique from a boutique, every shopping need is well taken care of.

And, when it’s time to eat, drink, and hang out with friends, take your pick from a wide range of restaurants, fast food outlets, and coffee shops.

Open 9am to 5.30pm, Monday to Saturday.

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