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Malmö City Guide 🇸🇪

Let's go explore

Malmö is great in many ways. Especially if you’re riding a Voi as the city has miles and miles of winding bike lanes and tons of cool places to visit all year round.

Do you want to explore Malmö on a Voi? Find the best places to go in this city guide, download the Voi app and get scooting!

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Hidden gems

Möllan (Möllevångstorget) is a nice place to grab a bite and meet new people. Trying a falafel there is a must when in Malmö!
During the summers, don’t miss a day at the beach by Ribersborgsstrand. Gather ‘round in the sun with friends and family and enjoy a swim and picnic.
During the winters, Ribersborgs’ open-air bath offers a sauna and a cozy café.

Most common trips

For Malmöiter
Everyone likes shopping! Grab a Voi like a Malmöbo to the Kronprinsen mall or eat lunch at one of the nice restaurants in the area, such as Green Castle Salladsbar, Mr. Chang’s Baozi and sushi, and Restaurang Nils.
During Saturdays, local Malmöbor is all about Triangeln, a part of the city named because of how its connecting three other areas. The place is a hub for public transport getting locals to and from the popular shopping mall with the same name.

For tourists in Malmö
It is very popular among tourists to visit the seaside by taking a Voi towards Västra Hamnen. Make sure to take a picture by the iconic twisted and sculpted tower block, The Turning Torso! Just like locals, many tourists’ rides end and start at the Central station. Combine Voi with the train and make your journey more sustainable!

Voi friendly areas

Ride a Voi toward Slottsparken and park your Voi in the incentivized parking before enjoying a nice walk in the park.
You can also Voi through “allén” Kungsgatan and enjoy the nice scenery towards Rörsjöstraden.

Fun fact about Malmö

Malmö is an international city where 31% of inhabitants are born abroad and hosts the largest Middle Eastern community in Sweden. Thanks to the mixed culture, the city is full of restaurants with cuisines from all over the world.

Ride like a local

Malmö is a bicycle and e-scooter friendly town. The city is compact and it is easy to get around on a Voi. In fact, there are bicycle lanes within the city that in total measure 490 km!
So when riding Voi, always ride in bike lanes, follow the local rules and regulations and wear a helmet. During winter time the weather tends to get chilly, so make sure you bring some gloves!

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