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Uncover the scenic city of Malmö on two wheels – hire an electric scooter from Voi and experience the unique blend of modern and historic attractions.

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Your questions, answered:

What are the specific
rules in Malmö?

As of 1 September 2022, electric scooters are prohibited on pavements and other pedestrianised areas.

What are the
operating hours?

In Malmö, our e-scooters are available for rent 24/7, all year round – as long as the weather permits.

How does it work
with parking?

Parking is permitted only in racks and other areas designated for e-scooters. You’ll find them marked on the map.

Choose the right price plan for you

You can either pay per minute, or choose to ride more for less with a monthly Voi Pass subscription. If you want to use our e-scooters a lot, but only for a limited time, you should opt for a daily pass. Check the app to see current prices in Malmö.

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Quick guide to Malmö

Malmö, a charming Swedish coastal city, offers visitors a delightful mix of historic landmarks and modern attractions. Rent an electric scooter from Voi to navigate the picturesque streets, iconic squares and bustling waterfront areas that showcase Malmö’s rich culture and vibrant atmosphere.

Malmö Castle

Ride your Voi e-scooter to Malmö Castle, a 16th-century fortress located in the centre of the city. The castle houses several museums, including the Malmö Museums, and offers beautiful views of the city from its tower.

Turning Torso

Roll down Lilla Varvsgatan towards Turning Torso, the twisting skyscraper that is Malmö’s most famous landmark. The building’s unique design, which was inspired by a sculpture, makes for a striking view from any angle.

Malmö Saluhall

Stop at Malmö Saluhall, a food hall located in the heart of the city, for a taste of local cuisine. The hall features over 20 vendors selling everything from fresh seafood to artisanal cheeses. Park your Voi e-scooter and take your time exploring the different stalls.

Emporia Shopping Center

Take your Voi e-scooter to Emporia Shopping Center, a modern shopping complex with a unique design. The building’s undulating facade is made up of thousands of glass panels, which create a shimmering effect in the sunlight.


Park your Voi e-scooter and head to Ribersborgsstranden, Malmö’s most popular beach. The long sandy beach is perfect for a stroll or a dip in the water and offers beautiful views of the Øresund Bridge. Don’t forget to bring a towel and some sunscreen!

Do your part – safety begins with you

At Voi, we believe in safe and inclusive cities made for living. Therefore, we urge you to always consider others while riding, and park properly to help keep the pavements an accessible space for all. Keep yourself informed of the local regulations in regards to riding and parking – and abide by them.

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