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Uncover the charming city of Stockholm on two wheels – rent an electric scooter from Voi and navigate the picturesque streets with ease and freedom.

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Your questions, answered:

What are the specific
rules in Stockholm?

As of 1 September 2022, electric scooters are prohibited on pavements and other pedestrianised areas.

What are the
operating hours?

In Stockholm, our e-scooters are available for rent 24/7, all year round – as long as the weather permits.

How does it work
with parking?

Parking is permitted only in racks and other areas designated for e-scooters. You’ll find them marked on the map.

Choose the right price plan for you

You can either pay per minute, or choose to ride more for less with a monthly Voi Pass subscription. If you want to use our e-scooters a lot, but only for a limited time, you should opt for a daily pass. Check the app to see current prices in Stockholm.

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Quick guide to Stockholm

Stockholm is known for its beauty and has a very impressive network of cycle paths. It represents more than 750 km of tracks that allow you to crisscross the entire city, making it perfect for e-scooters.

The harbour of Strandvägen

Ride along the harbour of Strandvägen on the tree-lined cycle path. On this path, you’ll find the famous Swedish design store Svenskt Tenn, and you can take a lunch break in one of the restaurants by the water.


If you want to practise your Voi riding in a beautiful environment (or just want to enjoy some peace and quiet), head out to Djurgården. This gorgeous part of Stockholm has little to no traffic and many bike lanes.

When you need a break from the lush and winding roads, there are plenty of things to do, from going to museums to enjoying a day at the amusement park Gröna Lund.

Padel courts

There are plenty of padel courts in Stockholm, easily accessible with Voi. During the summer, you can play outdoors at CPN Norra Djurgårdsstaden or if you prefer playing indoors, check out PDL Center in Frihamnen.

While you are there, you can also visit Stockholms Auktionsverk.

Krümel Cookies & Crumbs

Looking for a place to grab a fika? Not your traditional cinnamon buns, but the best cookies in Stockholm. Handmade with local, sustainable ingredients.

You surely don’t want to miss out on this one, but if you’re looking for more recommendations, you can check out the Voi Café Guide.


Skinnarviksberget on Södermalm is the perfect spot to watch the sunset over Lilla Essingen. During winter, you must be early since the sun sets at around 3pm. Luckily, this beautiful hill is super accessible with a Voi scooter.

Do your part – safety begins with you

At Voi, we believe in safe and inclusive cities made for living. Therefore, we urge you to always consider others while riding, and park properly to help keep the pavements an accessible space for all. Keep yourself informed of the local regulations in regards to riding and parking – and abide by them.

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