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Stuttgart City Guide 🇩🇪

Let’s go explore

Stuttgart, the heart of Swabia and the home of Spätzle. What does that even mean you might ask. While the region Swabia has roots in the Middle Ages - Spätzle is a thick kind of noodle, strongly reminding of pasta, common in south German cuisine.

Do you want to explore Stuttgart on a Voi? Find the best places to go in this city guide, download the Voi app and get scooting!

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Hidden gems

Stuttgart’s vibrant city life serves as one of its landmarks, making the city what it is. It’s a hilly city, perfect for riding Voi. And while you might not be able to go all the way up the slopes with your e scooter to enjoy the view, the Killesbergturm and the Grabkapelle are especially great if you want to enjoy the city from above. But if you get sweaty palms by heights - we recommend the new Staatsgalerie as it’s a great area to ride Voi with absolutely wild architecture and interesting art.

Most common Voi trips in Stuttgart

For locals
Taking a Voi to the Bohnenmarkt is a thing locals typically do during the weekend. Many spend their Saturdays trying out local specialities and at the beautiful market square. Luckily not worrying about finding a parking spot as they rode Voi.

For tourists in Stuttgart
Tourists often ride along the Neckar to visit the famous Mercedes Benz area. The building is impressive buildings and so is the museum with its outstanding architecture. Visitors also explore the higher regions of the city by riding Voi to Marienplats and then taking the rack railway (the Zacke as locals say) to the top to enjoy the view over Stuttgart.

Voi friendly areas

Riding Voi is always fun, but in some places more fun than in others. In order to avoid getting stuck in traffic, take the easier option and use the big main roads to get from east to west, and from south to north. Around Rotebühlplatz there is a traffic-calmed zone, where you can enjoy the Voi experience to the fullest. When you've had enough of the hustle and bustle of the city you can find the beautiful castle garden nearby, which offers cycle paths for Voi riders. But watch out for ducks and birds that regularly leave Wilhelma, Stuttgart's zoological and botanical garden, who like to stroll carefree through the park.

Fun fact about Voi in Stuttgart

Stuttgart's Voi riders are most active during the evening hours. Not even the cold weather can bring the number of riders to a decline!

Ride like a local

Stuttgart has some busy streets, so keep to bike lanes, ride safe and always wear a helmet.
If you want to learn how to ride Voi like a pro in Stuttgart, try our digital traffic test and earn free rides here: