Your city, our promise

Voi works hand in hand with city officials and organisations to solve city pain points, providing customised solutions that address your area's specific transportation needs and challenges.

Safe, sustainable and reliable micromobility for everyone

We offer different modes of light mobility vehicles that are safe, affordable, and easy to use – allowing people to move around the city on their terms.

By reducing reliance on cars and improving access to sustainable mobility, we can strengthen public transport networks to help create better, safer and more livable cities for everyone.

How it works

Addressing safety and parking challenges

At Voi, we are committed to safety, inspired by our Swedish heritage and the Vision Zero approach. This means prioritising the safety of all road users, not just our riders. We utilise advanced technology and provide a wide range of features that increase safety.

For instance, our technology allows us to prevent pavement and intoxicated riding, and limit vehicle speed in designated areas. More so, our industry-leading parking solutions tackle one of the key safety concerns for pedestrians and vulnerable road users: obstructed pathways.

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No town or city is completely alike

We know that each city has its unique challenges and opportunities, and we are committed to providing customised safety solutions to address them. With the largest fleet of licensed and tendered e-scooters across Europe, we know how to address safety and parking concerns.

For example, in some areas, we collaborate with the city to install physical racks and painted bays that effectively solve parking challenges. In other areas, we use geofencing technology to prevent parking at certain locations. We also offer a "Parking Assistant" feature that rewards users for parking correctly and takes punitive measures for recurring poor parking.

Our goal is to work with each city to create tailored solutions that address the specific safety challenges in their area. We believe that our city-first approach is the key to creating safe and sustainable transportation options for everyone.

Our approach

Solving the first and last-mile problem

Voi offers an efficient way to solve the first and last-mile problem and improve access to public transport in cities. As an example, 55% of our riders typically combine their e-scooter trip with public transport today (per our survey).

Our ready-to-use framework uses standard application programming interfaces (APIs) for shared mobility operators, such as GBFS & MDS, making our service easily integrated with public transportation.

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Leveraging data to improve transit routes

By collecting complex data from our service and presenting it in an accessible way, we can help city officials obtain a comprehensive understanding of shared mobility.

For example, we can provide heat maps that can be used to analyse the busiest areas of a city, which can then be used to optimise transit routes and identify locations that require additional coverage.

The resources needed to succeed

Access to data is crucial for cities to succeed with shared micromobility. We use established data-sharing practices and customised dashboards that offer real-time information on demand, usage patterns, compliance with regulations, and more.

This transparency and our dedicated local teams who work diligently to maintain and manage our fleet and ground operations ensure the high quality and control of our service.

By offering alternative modes of transportation and enhancing access to public transit, micromobility can help cities reach their climate goals.

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