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Safe riding

Road safety is everyone’s responsibility. The choices you make while riding affect not only you, but all your fellow road users, as well. So let’s get it right!

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Safety begins with you


wear a helmet to protect
your precious head.


ride under the influence of
mind-altering substances.


one person at a time per
vehicle – no twin-riding.

Ride with care
– the basics

Be sure to know the local rules of the road before you set off. Stick to the bike lanes or close to the side curb, and stay off pavements as well as roads with speeds over 50 km/h (30 mph). Be aware of surrounding traffic, especially at intersections.

Start off slowly while you get used to the accelerator and brakes. Oh, and put down your phone until you reach your destination.

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Learn and earn

The all-new RideSafe Academy provides micro courses that teach you essential knowledge and helpful tips on local e-scooter and e-bike traffic rules and rider safety – all in a fun and engaging way. Boost your road confidence and get rewarded with a free Voi ride! The courses are freely available to all, and in several languages.

Go to RideSafe Academy

Start off slow

New to e-scooters? Then start off slowly – cap the speed of the scooter with reduced-speed mode. Simply turn it on in the app before you set off.

Try reduced-speed mode

Rest assured – we’ve got you covered

Your safety is our greatest concern, but no matter how robust our preventative measures, accidents can still happen. That’s why we, through Europe’s leading insurers, offer complimentary insurance to all our users.

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Voi & DriveTech

In addition to our online traffic school, Voi has teamed up with DriveTech from the AA to offer an innovative online training module promoting safe e-scooter use. Learn to identify risks on the road and other safety advice when using e-scooters in traffic.

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Safety events near you

Join one of our safety events that we occasionally host together with TTC. We organise everything from practical trainings to webinars that you can join from home. Participants are often rewarded with things like Voi-branded helmets or credits to be used to pay for rides.

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Ride safe – for a better city.
Let’s get it right.