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Rider insurance

Cover with some of Europe’s leading insurers

At Voi, safety is our number one priority.

From our e-scooters and helmets to road safety and secure parking zones, it's our mission to make our cities safe for everyone, especially our riders. But, even with all this in place, sometimes accidents still happen.

What if I’ve been involved in an accident?

1. Make sure you and others are safe

If anyone is injured, or needs urgent help, phone the Emergency Services immediately.

2. Report the accident & exchange contact details

Contact our dedicated support team on 0800 376 8179 or [email protected] They’re ready to help 24/7. It's also very important you exchange contact details with any other people involved in the accident.

3. Take photos

Take photos of the incident, including the Voi e-bike/e-scooter, vehicle ID, any damage to property, and the location of the accident. Where one of our e-bikes or e-scooters has been involved in an accident, our incident response team will work together with our insurers to investigate the cause and circumstances.

Insurance for Voi rides

In some countries, we may maintain third party liability and/or personal accident insurance on behalf of our riders. Whether we maintain insurance in a particular country depends on a range of factors, including local legal and regulatory requirements.

In the countries where we do maintain insurance cover, the cost of the cover is automatically included in the cost of renting one of our e-bikes or e-scooters - riders do not need to separately subscribe or pay for insurance.

For more information about our insurance covers in your country, please click the button below.


The world’s first traffic school for e-scooters

In 2019, we launched the traffic school #RideLikeVoila. Certified by the NTF, the AA and VIAS, it’s educated nearly half a million riders in the past year alone!

Speed limits

And we’ve capped all our scooters at the right speed for their location. Using geofencing technology, we’ve created Slow Speed Zones in selected pedestrian areas, where scooters automatically slow down to walking pace.


We’ve handed out over 30,000 free helmets across Europe in the past year. And we’re looking to increase the availability of helmets for our users, whether they plan to ride an e-scooter or not.

Cover with some of Europe’s leading insurers