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Together, let’s make the mobility of tomorrow happen.

Our mobility partners are essential to achieve our vision of cities made for living, free from noise and pollution

From day one, our Swedish heritage has fueled our dedication to making affordable, accessible and sustainable transportation available to all. We collaborate with numerous public transport authorities and mobility providers all over Europe, making it possible for all citizens to have access to a large variety of such mobility services.

Our integration solutions provide the technology that can bind this together, enabling citizens to choose the mode of transport or a combination of different modes to fulfill their transport needs, thus creating tailored solutions for every trip. As such, Voi and its partners increase the flexibility of choice, nudging towards greener ways to travel, and transforming the way society moves around.

Voi’s partner solutions

Our ready-to-use framework uses standard APIs for shared mobility operators, making it easy for any partner and platform to integrate with our service.

Light integrations

Our light integrations enable the sharing of real-time information about our vehicles, such as location, availability, pricing, and geofenced areas for rules related to speed, parking, and prohibited zones. A light integration will enable users to find available shared micromobility options near them. Booking vehicles, payment and customer service will in turn be handled by Voi.

Light integrations are achieved using GBFS (General Bikesharing Feed Specification) and MDS (Mobility Data Specification) depending on the partner’s needs.

Deep integrations

Our deep integrations allow partners to deliver the full end-to-end Voi user experience through their platform. By providing support for booking and the payment flows for all modes used during the trip -such as buses, trains and Voi- through one single interface, the convenience of multimodality involving public transport increases.

For deep integrations, Voi has developed a custom MaaS (Micromobility as a Service) framework, making it easy to integrate the full Voi service.

Physical integrations: Mobility hubs

In collaboration with public transportation partners and cities, we also support the creation of mobility hubs. Mobility hubs offer people the opportunity to leave their cars at home and enjoy a seamless trip using a combination of different transport modes while improving order and convenience around transport hubs.

For instance, Voi can provide dedicated parking spots, physical parking infrastructure and analysis of usage patterns.

Case Study: Integrating Voi with Public Transport in Stuttgart

A pilot initiative in Stuttgart demonstrated that integrating shared micromobility into the local public transport system can help increase public transport ridership. Voi was part of the project, along with the local rail operator S-Bahn Stuttgart and the MaaS platform provider Mobimeo.

Voi's e-scooter service became available for booking through the Mobility Stuttgart App, connecting shared mobility to public transport with a traffic planner and making it easier for users to plan their trips. Furthermore, users were offered vouchers when combining different modes of transportation, and parking racks for e-scooters were placed at the train station.

Research showed an increase in rides with shared e-scooters by 250%, which contributed to a 35% increase in train ticket sales during the pilot period. The initiative also found that physical parking infrastructure at the train station can reduce clutter from e-scooters.

Read the case study


Together, let’s create a more sustainable and efficient transport system in cities.

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