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Pricing and passes

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For occasional rides

The pay-as-you-go pricing option is great for occasional riders travelling shorter distances.

You pay around £1 to unlock the vehicle, then between £0.14 to £0.20 per minute.

On average, a 10-minute ride using pay-as-you-go in the UK costs about £2.5 (before any discounts are applied).

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A day on two wheels

With a Voi day pass, you don't pay the usual unlocking fee when starting a ride, and you get about 100-120 riding minutes to use during 24 hours.

A day pass usually costs between £7 and £10 in the UK and is perfect for exploring cities.

If you take around 5 rides using a day pass, the average cost is about £1.5 per ride.

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For frequent riding

Go green and save money with a monthly pass. With this pass, you won't pay any unlocking fees and you'll have a customisable number of riding minutes included each month.

Monthly pass options and costs differ by location. For example, a pass with 300 minutes included typically around £35 in the UK. That gives you around 30 rides of 10 minutes each, or 20 rides of 15 minutes each.

On average, the cost per ride using a monthly pass in the UK ranges from £0.7 to £1.

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Always free unlock with Voi Pass

If you use up all the minutes included in your daily or monthly pass, don't worry! You always have free unlock with a Voi Pass, and you'll be charged the standard minute fee until your pass expires or renews automatically. To check the exact pricing at your location and to read the full terms, simply check the app.

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Payment options

We accept popular payment methods and some local favourites too.

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Ride safely and unlock exclusive deals

Complete our online traffic school, park in designated incentivised zones, or snap a helmet-wearing selfie to earn rewards.

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Prices, products, features, and promotions may vary depending on your location, time, and vehicle type. To ensure you have the most up-to-date information, check the app for the specific prices in your city, region, and country. Prices in the EU include all applicable taxes.