Quality Policy

Voi Technology AB, in alignment with ISO 9001:2015 standards, has committed to implement and maintain a rigorous Quality Management System (QMS). This system provides the blueprint for our continuous efforts to refine and elevate our practices, going above and beyond to meet the expectations of our customers, stakeholders, and partners.

Our QMS is underpinned by the principles of Safety and Reliability, Customer Satisfaction, Sustainability, Compliance, and Continuous Improvement. These pillars guide our day-to-day operations and long-term strategies, ensuring that our quality assurance efforts are comprehensive, robust, and aligned with the needs and expectations of our users.

  1. Safety and Reliability: Safety is at the heart of our operations. We pledge to uphold rigorous safety standards, conducting regular inspections and maintenance of our vehicle fleet. We strive to offer reliable transportation solutions, aiming to instil confidence in our users.

  2. Customer Satisfaction: Our customers are central to our business. We actively seek to understand and exceed their expectations. Through regular feedback and data analysis, we aim to consistently improve our services, contributing to heightened customer satisfaction.

  3. Sustainability: We are steadfast in our dedication to promoting environmentally friendly transportation. We commit to sustainable practices and materials, in efforts to reduce our ecological footprint and foster a greener future.

  4. Compliance: We adhere strictly to all applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards related to shared mobility and data privacy. This commitment ensures the highest level of trust and transparency with our users.

  5. Continuous Improvement: Our QMS undergoes regular audits and reviews to identify areas of potential improvement. By cultivating a culture of continuous improvement, we are able to innovate and adapt to market demands, ensuring that our services remain top-tier.

Voi Technology AB is committed to the principles of the ISO 9000:2015 quality management system, leveraging them to continually improve our performance. This commitment is reflected in our policies, our procedures, and most importantly, in our everyday actions.

Our employees are made aware of their individual obligations with respect to this quality policy, and regular training ensures awareness and understanding of its impact on customer service. To maintain our drive for continuous improvement, our QMS is regularly reviewed by our Top Management and subject to both internal and external audits.

This Quality Management Statement underscores Voi Technology AB’s steadfast commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We strive to maintain and elevate our standards in every facet of our operations, emphasising the quality of our products, services, and customer interactions.

Fredrik Hjelm

CEO & Co-Founder