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Learn how to Voi safe and earn free Voi rides.

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Meet Voila.

We're proud to say that Voi is the most responsible e-scooter company in Europe. As more and more people turn to micromobility, it's our job to educate riders about safe road behaviour. Not sure what traffic rules you need to follow on an e-scooter? Test your knowledge at our traffic school and earn free rides while you learn! It’s certified by VIAS, NTF and DriveTech.

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New rider?

If you are new to the world of e-scooters, you can choose to activate Reduced Speed mode in the Voi app. This will reduce the max speed of the scooter, allowing you to start off slowly while you get used to the accelerator and brakes.

How to activate Reduced Speed mode

Don’t drink and ride.

Never ride e-scooters while drunk or otherwise intoxicated. It is extremely unsafe for you and others, and it’s even considered a criminal act in most European countries. To tackle the issue of drunk riding, we developed the industry’s first reaction time test. The test activates automatically on weekend nights and encourages users with poor test results to use safer transportation alternatives.

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No tandem riding.

It’s forbidden for more than one person to ride per e-scooter. Doing so will affect your balance and the functionality of the brakes, and you risk seriously injuring yourself and your friend. Invite your friend to ride their own scooter by sharing your referral code.

Slow Speed Zones.

Did you know that those yellow areas on the Voi map are Slow Speed Zones? These are mapped out in certain areas where you shouldn’t ride as fast, and where your Voi e-scooter will automatically run slightly slower. No matter whether you’re inside a Slow Speed Zone or not, you should always be aware of your surroundings, pedestrians and other road users.

Great parking spot.

E-scooters should be parked in such a way that they don’t block traffic or public pathways. Did you know that parking in the green areas on the Voi map gives you a discount on your ride? Be a nice person — and always park smart.

Parking spot.

In some cities you are only allowed to park in conveniently-located, designated parking spots. Plan your journey before you ride to find the best spot at the end.

No Parking Zones.

In some places it's not appropriate or permitted to end your ride. That's why we have No Parking Zones, where you can't leave a Voi.

No Riding Zone.

You must not ride or park a scooter in these areas.

Outside the Voi Zone.

It is against the rules to ride a Voi outside the Voi Zone. Your scooter will come to a complete stop, and you won't be able to end your ride.

Wear a helmet.

Always wear a helmet when riding Voi. In some Voi cities, you can take a selfie with your helmet on and earn loyalty points. Being safe is smart, being smart is cool. Be cool and protect your head!

18+ only.

You must be at least 18 years of age to use the e-scooters, and in the U.K., you must hold a provisional or full driving licence. You do not have to have a driving licence to access our e-bikes in the UK. Make sure you know the rules of the road in your country before getting on a scooter.

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Don’t text and ride.

You should never text or answer calls while riding Voi. We also encourage you not to use a headset, as this can prevent you from hearing your surroundings. Our latest e-scooter comes with a phone holder that is safe and easy to use for finding your way through the city with navigation apps. Always keep both hands on the handlebar!

Safer streets with shared micromobility.

Read our first annual safety report (June 2021) which aims to increase transparency and foster a dialogue on how shared micromobility can make cities safer. The report covers Voi’s actions to improve road safety, insights on safety risks and opportunities for shared micromobility across Europe according to international road safety experts.

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Our safety pledge.

Safety is in our DNA. We want to be advocates for a zero-vision of micromobility incidents, because one accident is one too many. That is why we've made ten pledges for how we will continue working to improve road safety for our scooter troopers, pedestrians and other road users.

Read our safety pledge

Safe winter riding tips

As the days shorten and temperatures drop, Voi's scooters don't go into hibernation. Explore this guide for our top tips for riding safely and sustainably this winter season.