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Voi x Safety

Our street safety events are live, find one near you!

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Safe riding starts with you

Thank you for showing an interest in Safety!

Safety is in our DNA, and we support a zero-vision of micro-mobility accidents. We want to ensure that our users enjoying riding Voi, but do so carefully and safely, which is why we invest heavily in rider-safety training. On this page you will find key safety messages, UK specific safety videos and online training modules – all that you would need to feel safe on the streets.

If you are new to the world of e-scooters, you can choose to activate Beginner’s Mode in the Voi app. This will reduce the max speed of the scooter, allowing you to start off slowly while you get used to the accelerator and brakes.

As a promoter of helmet use we are also gifting free helmets to all our monthly pass users, make sure to redeem yours!

We ask all Voi riders to respect the following rules when riding one of our scooters in the UK:

Follow traffic rules

Follow local traffic rules and adapt your speed to your surroundings, paying attention to pedestrians and other road users.

Never drink and ride

It's illegal to ride under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Doing so might have legal consequences.

No pavement riding

It's illegal to ride e-scooters on the pavement. Use cycle lanes and do not ride on roads with a speed limit above 30mph.

No tandem riding

It’s forbidden for more than one person to ride per e-scooter. Doing so will affect your balance and the functionality of the brakes.

Wear a helmet

Always wear a helmet when riding Voi. You can take a selfie with your helmet on and earn loyalty points.


You must be at least 18 years old and hold a provisional or full driving licence to ride our scooters in the UK.

Interactive learning material

We’re proud to say that Voi is the most responsible e-scooter company in Europe. As more and more people turn to micro-mobility, it’s our job to educate riders about safe road behaviour.

1) Online traffic school

Not sure what traffic rules you need to follow on an e-scooter? Test your knowledge at our traffic school, Ride Like Voila, and earn free rides while you learn! It’s certified by VIAS, NTF and DriveTech.

2) Safety events!

We'd love to invite users to our Voi x Safety monthly events. The events will cover everything that you should know in order to feel comfortable and secure on the streets. We will also share tips and tricks about the service.

3) Road safety module

In partnership with DriveTech we have produced a new online learning module. The module intendeds to amplify and complement Ride Like Voila and focuses on all road users and how we can work to ensure safe roads for all.

Watch our Safety Videos

Safety always comes first. Hear our top safety tips when riding an e-scooter in the UK.

How to Voi

Key Safety Tips


All you need to do is click the link below and reserve your place now. We'll also give you £5 free Voi credits for attending, so you can put your new safe riding knowledge to practice!

• Brief explanation of 'How to Voi'
• Traffic school session on RideLikeVoila
• Road safety tips from our friends at The AA
• Try the scooter on the safety track
• Collect your Voi helmet