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Our commitment towards the climate and environment is fundamental to the entire business.

Cities made for living,
free from noise and pollution.

Micromobility has the potential to help decarbonise urban transportation by providing alternatives to cars and improving access to public transportation.

We take a holistic approach to address our environmental footprint and strive to always improve our sustainability practices.

Important steps so far

Enhanced access to mobility

Shared micromobility provides a convenient complement to the public transport network, enhancing citizens' access to sustainable transportation. For example, 55% of riders typically combine their e-scooters trip with public transport, per our user survey.

New battery technology

Swappable batteries have led to significant reductions in emissions, energy consumption and contribution to traffic congestion. Batteries are swapped directly on the street, and only the used batteries must be transported for charging.

Circular vehicle program

Through our circular vehicle program, we have managed to increase the operational lifespan of our fleet from less than one year back in 2018, to an average five-year lifespan for our V5 model in 2022, verified by a third party.

We continuously work to decrease emissions and aim to be climate positive by 2030.

Measuring emissions

As a company committed to accountability and transparency, we were the first e-scooter operator to publish a comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment of our service. Our LCA allows us to identify the materials, production, and end-of-life processes that contribute to emissions and to focus our emission reduction efforts accordingly.

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Reducing emissions

Our Environmental Action Plan targets emission reduction initiatives and focuses on extending the lifespan of our vehicles, transitioning to zero-emission operations, and implementing circular practices.

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We are working to make our service fully circular with zero waste by 2025.


Shared vehicles can be more efficiently used during their lifetime, enabling a resource-efficient transition to low-carbon mobility. We continue to innovate and develop our service to increase access to shared mobility.


We have in-house R&D for vehicle development, working closely with our suppliers to reinvent vehicle design and minimise resource use. We have extended the lifespan of our scooters to five years, and improved battery lifespan thanks to smarter charging.


Maintenance and repairing is an essential part of extending our vehicles' lifespan. We work with employed and trained staff who have contributed to improving our retention rate with spare parts sourced in Europe.


We reuse components and spare parts as much as possible. For instance, nearly all of our spare parts are reused to repair other vehicles or parking racks. Plastic and rubber are reused for tactile strips for our parking racks and corrals.


We refurbish our older vehicles and re-sell them to other companies to extend their lifespan. We also work with partners to give batteries a second life for energy storage.


When no repurposing or reuse within Voi’s value chain is possible, materials are recycled with support from our recycling partners. All our waste is recycled through our local recycling partners, and we work towards a 0% landfill rate.

Sustainability network

Our climate and social responsibility are not limited to us

We work with suppliers and partners who prioritise responsible practices.

Our Code of Conduct