Discover our latest electric bike and scooter models, and learn more about their predecessors.

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Voiager 7

The latest addition to our scooter family combines innovative tech with ergonomic principles and progressive design to deliver a safer, smoother and more reliable riding experience.

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Voi Explorer 3

Stress-free riding with automatic shifting! Our upgraded e-bike brings sophisticated tech combined with unrivalled comfort to give you a relaxing ride, even on longer journeys.

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Voiager 5

Voiager 5 places a strong emphasis on rider safety and sustainability. This scooter uses more recycled materials than the previous model, and its parts are easier to both repair and reuse.

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Voi Explorer 2

This e-bike makes commuting effortless with its intuitive 5-speed gears, keeping you sweat-free while effortlessly cruising to work, running errands or simply enjoying city life.

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Voiager 4

Voiager 4 is a complete upgrade, highlighting turn indicators, antibacterial handlebar grips and a 35% boost in motor performance compared to its predecessor.

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Voiager 3X

This scooter introduces a revolutionary swappable battery, enhancing both battery life and significantly extending its lifespan compared to the previous model.

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