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Nuremberg City Guide 🇩🇪

Let's go explore

The Franconian city is the capital of gingerbread and Nuremberger sausages but it’s so much more than just awesome food experiences. Even though the old town is paved with cobblestone, there are many beautiful routes to explore by Voi while you dig deeper into the city’s rich history.
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Hidden gems

Nuremberg is known for its historical buildings, most of them located inside the city walls. Take a ride to the old “Kaiserburg” to get a real insight into what life was like during the Middle Ages and while you’re there, make sure to enjoy the beautiful view over Nuremberg's old town. But as most streets are covered in cobblestone, you might want to walk the last bit.

Most common Voi trips in Nuremberg

For Nurembergers
During weekends Nurembergers love to hang out at Gostenhof. It’s a place packed with cool vintage shops, authentic Thai restaurants, and cozy coffee places, like the roastery Machhörndl Kaffee, or Zero Hero - a grocery store selling food completely without packaging.

For tourists in Nuremberg
Tourists, on the other hand, usually hang out at Lorenzkirche. And no wonder - the west facade of the St Lorenz gothic church is quite the view and given the unbelievable coolness of the sacrament house inside the church, it’s understandably well-visited. But, the area also holds an almost endless variety of restaurants and stores, which provides a nice break from the intense impressions of the church.

Voi friendly areas

Some places are better suited to ride Voi than others. If you want to practice your Voi riding skills head out to the lake Whörder See - home to some of Nuremberg’s beer gardens. Needless to say, go for the non-alcoholic alternatives. When you’re done riding around enjoying yourself, why not go for a picnic at the adjoining meadow just across the street?

Fun fact about Voi in Nuremberg

Even during winter, Nurembergers love to ride Voi. Especially on Saturdays when they go to sporting events, shopping or have dinner with friends. Turns out, life in the south of Germany, raises you to invest in warm winter clothes. Wearing gloves, a scarf and a jacket will keep you warm and cozy even in negative degrees.

Ride like a local

Always ride in bike lanes, follow the local rules and regulations and wear a helmet. Keep out of the pedestrian zones in the city, there are a couple. But there are even more bike lanes, so don’t worry. If you really need to cross cobblestone we have a local pro tip for you: get on your toes to reduce shaking.

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